Total Energy Planning

As various government requirements and available technologies for meeting customers’ energy needs change rapidly – locally and nationally − utilities are facing important decisions regarding their future energy supply needs.

In conjunction with Traditional Generation resources, utilities find that they now need to consider Energy Innovation (EI) programs:


Demand Side Management

  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation
  • Demand Response
  • Direct Load Control



Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Along with Energy Innovation considerations, the costs associated with carbon and other greenhouse gas impacts need to be addressed as well. To assist with these decisions, EnerVision developed our Total Energy Planning process − a decision-making tool to help with defining energy resource strategies and goals.

The Process

EnerVision’s Total Energy Planning process incorporates Energy Innovation, Renewable Energy and Traditional Generation resources in defining the utility’s energy services for its customers with:

Power Supply Objectives

Clarify short and long term objectives


High Level Screening

Determine which option combinations are feasible for further evaluation.


Quantitative Analysis

Define scenarios across the categories and perform economic analysis to determine impacts of total cost in meeting customers’ needs.


Qualitative Analysis

Identify Pros and Cons of each economic scenario while considering reliability, Community and Political Concerns, Suppliers’ Creditworthiness, Economic Development Impacts, and more.


This chart illustrates EnerVision’s Total Energy Planning process which helps determine the best combination of Energy Innovation Programs and Renewables/REC opportunities along with Traditional Generation resources in order to develop a viable and beneficial Total Energy Plan tailored to meet each client’s individual energy needs.

EnerVision understands the various components in each aspect involved in making these critical power supply choices. There is not one simple or easy solution since many areas need to be considered to comprise the best options for our clients.

The key challenge in the electric utility industry will be to stay ahead of government regulation and re-regulation.


    Restrictions on new sources of Traditional Generation are being strictly applied.


    Energy Innovation and Renewables are now required to be part of the generation mix for many electric utilities across the country.