Compliance Services

Compliance Services

A major challenge to the electric utility industry is the crucial ability to stay on top of federal, state, and/or local electric utility regulations. The industry is frequently required to implement or comply with specific government standards, rules, and / or procedures.

Being aware of and complying with government regulations and standards is essential for electric utilities.

  • Noncompliance has been coupled with economic penalties.
  • Lack of documentation of policies and procedures can prove costly.

EnerVision offers Compliance Services to assist utilities in meeting today’s challenges by providing:

  • Turnkey Project Coordination
  • Government Regulation Compliance Expertise
  • Peace of mind so existing staff can continue to perform critical daily operations

EnerVision’s Compliance Services expertise includes assisting utilities with:

  • FERC / NERC Reliability Compliance
  • Emergency Restoration Planning (ERP)
  • Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs)
  • Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)

FERC/NERC Reliability Compliance

EnerVision’s FERC / NERC Reliability Compliance services assist utilities with meeting reliability requirements by helping them:

  • Effectively interpret required Standards, Policies, and Procedures
  • Develop and implement reliability compliance plans
  • Audit existing compliance plans, procedures, and internal controls

Emergency Restoration Planning (ERP)

Emergency Restoration Planning (ERP) is a government requirement for many utilities. EnerVision offers assistance with:

  • Developing a meaningful ERP
    • Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (VRA)
    • Business Continuity Development
    • Testing Results
  • Periodic testing of ERPs to assure effectiveness and timeliness

Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs)

Utilities are often required by government organizations to develop Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs). EnerVision’s Compliance Services provide assistance with:

  • Meeting government IRP requirements to best serve the utility
  • Evaluating a baseline plan as well as meaningful scenarios
  • Preparing the final optimized plan / report

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) are law in many states with varying utility requirements. EnerVision can assist with:

  • Understanding / applying legal / regulatory requirements
  • Determining meaningful options
  • Developing / implementing appropriate compliance plans

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