Wholesale & Retail Rates Services

Pricing provides an essential role in cost recovery and, along with new metering technology, is seen as a key driver in the modification of customer consumption patterns.  Understanding your costs and the impact of pricing are fundamental components of successful business and marketing strategies.

EnerVision offers our clients an enhanced pricing approach in which:

    Costs are viewed as more than just numbers.

    Costs are examined for their drivers and impacts on your business.

    Rates are viewed as pricing mechanisms to encourage desired customer actions.

    Technology is leveraged to continue to recover costs while providing energy services.

    EnerVision gives our clients strategic capabilities in pricing and tools for assessing the financial impacts that are needed – and more.

      Customized Results

      EnerVision knows that Rates Services go well beyond what is required for setting rates, and includes such essential activities as:

      • Rate & Pricing Strategy
      • Cost of Service Studies
      • Rate Design
      • Innovative Pricing Structures
      • Cost Recovery Mechanisms

      Successful pricing in today’s environment (both at the wholesale and retail levels) precludes simply pasting numbers from cost studies into rate schedules.

      EnerVision works with our clients to:

      • Develop prices designed to motivate customers as well as recover costs;
      • Design financial strategies and rate processes to meet specific marketing and business objectives; and
      • Leverage technologies such as smart meter capabilities.

      Information Smartly Applied

      Understanding the costs to serve both individual customers and customer segments has become increasingly important to develop the innovative pricing these customers are requesting.

      To assist utilities in meeting pricing and rates demands, EnerVision provides:

      • Expertise in rate design specifically targeting energy efficiency and demand response goals; and
      • Traditional costing concepts and practices combined with incremental costing and other forward-looking analyses; and
      • The ability to apply needed targeted information – without forcing utilities to sift through and store data by the pound.

      Full Implementation of Tailored Solutions

      Just as one size will not fit all customers with rates requirements, a single pricing approach will not fit all clients.  EnerVision offers a variety of tailored solutions, including traditional and innovative approaches, designed to meet the electric utility’s pricing, financial, and business needs .