Emerging Energy Solutions

The electric utility industry is experiencing a potentially unprecedented change to the original business model — provide enough generation to match demand. This business-as-usual model is becoming less acceptable as stricter regulations limit the types of new generation and consumers are becoming more vigilant about their energy usage, i.e., their electricity bills, and environmental impact. Utilities are now using technology and information to match demand to their supply resources.

EnerVision’s Emerging Energy Solutions business line focuses on a utility’s ability to meet future goals and requirements by leveraging its distribution system and end users.

Demand Side Management (DSM)

DSM solutions are growing rapidly as utilities begin to match their load to meet the ever varying generation resources. Additionally, consumers are requesting more granular data regarding their energy usage which can directly impact behavior and consumption. Implementing new technologies and designing innovative programs are key enablers for meeting demand side goals and consumer expectations.

EnerVision can assist a utility in evaluating its options in the DSM arena, including:

  • Energy Efficiency / Conservation
  • Demand Response
  • Direct Load Control
  • Customer Engagement

Smart Grid /AMI Support

As Smart Grid / AMR / AMI technologies and various other energy systems become more prevalent , and accepted, it is necessary for utilities to consider many different technology options to better serve their consumers. EnerVision can assist with:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Analysis
  • Implementation Support

Renewables / Distributed Generation

EnerVision offers services for assisting utilities with evaluating, contracting, and administering renewable generation options, including distributed generation. EnerVision can assist with:

  • Request for Proposal drafting and evaluation
  • Vendor selection and contract negotiation and administration
  • Policy design for distributed generation

Wholesale and Retail Rates Services

Pricing provides an essential role in cost recovery and, along with new metering technology, is seen as a key driver in the modification of customer consumption patterns. Understanding your costs and the impact of pricing are fundamental components of successful business and marketing strategies. EnerVision offers our clients an enhanced pricing approach in which:

  • Costs are viewed as more than just numbers
  • Costs are examined for their drivers and impacts on your business
  • Rates are viewed as pricing mechanisms to encourage desired consumer actions, e.g., energy efficiency and demand response
  • Technology is leveraged to continue to recover costs while providing energy services

EnerVision has extensive experience in these Emerging Energy Solutions areas and evaluates them in conjunction with each other to provide robust and holistic solutions. EnerVision will provide business solutions to meet your needs on time, within budget, and with quality results.

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