Power Supply Services

Finding the most economical methods to meet the electricity demands of electric utility customers is always critical and essential as the industry changes. Whether exploring new options or trying to make the most effective use of current resources, EnerVision can help electric utilities meet their power supply objectives.


EnerVision’s Power Supply Consulting Services help utilities:

  • Assess both existing power supply obligations and future requirements
  • Determine the best mix of resources
  • Examine alternate energy options, including renewable energy and energy innovation opportunities

EnerVision can help determine the appropriate mix of:

  • Traditional Generation Sources
  • Purchase Power Opportunities
  • Alternate Energy Options
  • New Technologies

Traditional Supply-Side Services

EnerVision offers a wide range of Power Supply Consulting Services which can assist the electric utility with all aspects of Power Supply planning.

  • Planning
  • Contracting
  • Contract Administration
  • Hedging & Risk Management

EnerVision’s Power Supply Consulting Services provides the utility with:

  • Professional, technical, and analytical skills;
  • An organization that understands the electric utility business environment as a whole;
  • The expertise to recommend the best integrated solutions to meet customer needs; and
  • Results that will position the electric utility for future success.

The Total Energy Planning Process

One important aspect in today’s power supply planning is attaining the right mix of electric generation options—not an easy feat with the various regulations to be considered. EnerVision developed Total Energy Planning — a decision-making process to consider various and viable combinations of energy resources in the electric utility planning process.