Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting Services

With the electric utility industry undergoing constant change, utilities are well aware that their organizations need to be structured for adequate and timely responses to a variety of situations. Utilities must find appropriate ways to meet customer needs as well as provide effective methods for managing business initiatives, goals and objectives.

EnerVision offers a set of Management Consulting services to address changing business needs and effectively meet customers’ future requirements.

Strategic Planning

EnerVision can facilitate Strategic Planning initiatives at the Board, Management, and Key Staff levels — a critical aspect in determining:

  • Future Direction of the Utility
  • Corporate Business Goals with Effective Metrics
  • Effective Ways to Meet Customers’ Needs

Business Planning and Balanced Scorecard

A corporate business plan is an essential first step in the annual budgeting process and the essential link to the Corporate Strategic Plan. Defining and implementing department goals through the Business Planning process is a key to developing annual business plans that link corporate goals to the budget. EnerVision can assist with:

  • Establishing 5-year corporate goal strategies
  • Creating 1-year and/or multi-year business plans
  • Developing department guidelines to meet overall corporate goals

Organizational Design and Development

EnerVision offers services for reviewing the utility’s organizational design, which is essential in meeting current and future internal as well as external customer needs. Performing this review will:

  • Help improve effectiveness and efficiency
  • Address business and customers’ needs
  • Optimize skills, talents, and experience levels

Succession Planning

The future of the electric utility business depends on strong leadership skills — succession planning is critical to maintaining the necessary levels of expertise in top management. By utilizing EnerVision’s Succession Planning services you will:

  • Identify at-risk positions and key traits and training needed before it’s too late
  • Develop strategies for supporting key executives
  • Determine the best alternatives for selecting future leaders of the utility

Business Diversification

Periodically, utilities may explore various means of increasing revenues and building additional relationships with their customers.

  • Customers prefer dealing with a company they know and trust
  • Utilities need to create products that offer value for their customers at competitive prices

When evaluating opportunities in the Business Diversification area, EnerVision offers:

  • A thorough screening, assessment, and feasibility study
  • A business initiative with unique features for each client
  • An independent business plan overview with necessary resources to assist in the evaluation of potential opportunities

Mergers and Acquisitions

With the ever changing industry atmosphere, more and more utilities are considering the possibilities of merging with or acquiring another utility or business interest.

EnerVision works with the appropriate parties in each phase of the merger or acquisition initiative to assist in making the most informed and viable decisions by providing:

  • Merger Studies
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Implementation Plans

Facilitation and Education

 A third party facilitator is sometimes necessary for open, fully participative discussions and problem-solving.  EnerVision has trained facilitators who will keep meetings on track to achieve their objectives.

The changing utility environment requires constant education of issues and topics so that staff and Boards of Directors can make informed decisions for the utility.  EnerVision has the experts to bring you up to speed.

EnerVision has extensive experience in these Management Consulting areas and will provide business solutions to meet your needs on time, within budget, and with quality results.

Net Zero Planning

EnerVision approaches Net Zero planning as a portfolio of options over time, often including:

  • Optimizing DERs
  • Fleet Planning (EV adoption and infrastructure)
  • Energy efficiency (EE)
  • Carbon offsets and projects
  • Battery energy storage systems (BESS)
  • Demand Side Management (DSM), Demand Reduction (DR)
  • Resource mix considerations (retirements, replacements etc.)
  • Exploring emerging generations and storage technologies

Grant Writing Services

Grant Writing Services with a Successful Partner, TFG.  We offer:

  • Grant Identification Services                                                             
  • Dedicated Grant Expert/Team                                                                          
  • Monthly Grant Update Meeting                                                                       
  • Grant Alerts and Weekly Grant Updates                                                        
  • Library of Grant Funding Guides and Grant Profiles                                         
  • Access to Successful Grant Applications                                                       
  • Needs Assessment and Strategic Grant Outlook                                           
  • Custom Project Specific Grant Research and Funding Strategy  
  • Project Development and Readiness
  • Grant Writing, Editing and Review
  • Grant Debriefs             
  • Grant Training
  • Grant Project Advocacy
  • Congressionally Directed Spending (Earmarks)

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