Robert Echenrode -General Manager and CEO

Umatilla Electric Cooperative (OR)

“Umatilla Electric Cooperative has developed a trusted relationship with EnerVision offering guidance and valuable advice during our transition from a long-term power supply relationship.  EnerVision and its staff have been and continue to be an invaluable asset in the ongoing development our own internal power supply and purchasing team.   EnerVision’s comprehensive experience in power supply and forecasting services, partner well with our staff and are a cornerstone of UEC’s future power supply vision.”

Jeremy Nelms - President & CEO

Flint Energies (GA)

“With the ever-changing electric industry and increasingly challenging power supply landscape, it’s immensely helpful to have EnerVision as a partner supporting our mission to provide Flint EMC members with safe, reliable, and affordable electric service.  Their forward-thinking guidance and expertise allows us to approach any new policies and technologies as opportunities for improvement instead of obstacles that inhibit our ability to meet our mission.”

Eric Jung - President/CEO

Northeastern REMC (IN)

“EnerVision has been Northeastern REMC’s trusted partner for over 15 years.  They were instrumental in assisting us through the selection of an alternative power supplier after exiting our G&T.  In addition, they have been there every step of the way to help us navigate the ins and outs of dealing with our RTO.

When Northeastern REMC made the decision to make a significant investment in battery storage, we naturally reached out to EnerVision for support.  Their knowledge and expertise in this rapidly changing technology was essential to guiding our team through the wide variety of proposals that were submitted.  If not for them, we are confident that we would not have been successful at moving from RFP release to completed projects in 12 months.  EnerVision’s ability to attract talent to their team combined with their ability to remain “in the know” about emerging trends ensures that we will lean on EnerVision for our power supply needs well into the future.”

Tim Sullivan – President/CEO

Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association

EnerVision has been a superb counselor, advisor and partner to us in our effort to secure break-through changes in our wholesale power contract, impacting more than $1 billion in purchases.    They understand power supply, they understand electric cooperatives and they understand how to plan, negotiate and execute a strategy for next-level contract improvements.    Wright-Hennepin heartily recommends them to others as an invaluable member of your power supply team.

Doug Peters - President and CEO


EnerVision has repeatedly proven to be an invaluable resource to TVPPA.  Elaine and her team are always my first consideration when we need to expand our capability or our thinking.

Bob Ray — (Retired) President/CEO

Flint Energies

EnerVision continues, after 16 years, to earn their role of being a valued partner by persistently offering a fresh, informed, and objective perspective on the critical issues and opportunities at Flint. Their expertise is key to powering and empowering our cooperative as we go about the business of building a better quality of life for the members we serve.

Darren Schauer — General Manager/CEO


When GVEC needed an updated Cost of Service and Rate Study with accompanying recommendations for  strategy driven, innovative rate design, we looked to the experience and expertise of EnerVision.  I challenged EnerVision to think outside of the box and that’s exactly what they did.  The EnerVision team exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to implementing their recommendations and partnering with them on future projects ranging from rates, power supply to new technologies.

Doug Johnson — Chief Executive Officer

Blue Ridge EMC

EnerVision has been an integral part of our power supply team for over eleven years. From our work becoming an independent member with our G&T to signing a long-term agreement with Duke Energy, the EVI team has been a vital resource in negotiating, assessing, monitoring, and forecasting Blue Ridge’s power supply requirements. Simply stated, EVI is an excellent power supply consulting company and their people are the best in the business!

Wayne Wilkins — (Retired) General Manager / CEO

EnergyUnited EMC

EnerVision has long been a trusted partner in all aspects of power supply planning and negotiations, contract administration and billing, renewable resource matters, load management / DSM activities, and general industry research.  EnerVision provides great value to our cooperative and its members. In addition to EnerVision’s expertise in the area of Power Supply planning, they have demonstrated their ability to provide quality guidance in many other areas of our energy business – they are well versed in what is current in our industry.

Bob Hance — President / CEO

Midwest Energy Cooperative

EnerVision was instrumental in helping with our decision determining our long-term power supply partner. EnerVision provided the needed expertise and guidance so that we could make a meaningful business decision without emotional distraction.  Elaine and team were professional, very accessible and directed our process with an outcome that was consistent with our expectations. I would not hesitate providing my recommendation.

Mike Goodroe — President / CEO

Sawnee EMC

When deciding on who to assist us in the area of power supply planning, we will only use the staff of EnerVision given their industry knowledge, professional approach and their knowledge of the cooperative industry.  They are the only ones we will ever trust with our most important asset, our reputation.

Luis Reyes — Chief Executive Officer

Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, Inc.

For the past several years, EnerVision has provided unique solutions to some complex power supply issues faced by Kit Carson.  Over that time, EnerVision has become our trusted advisor.  We continue to look to them for help in an ever changing environment.

Chris Stephens — President / CEO

Coweta-Fayette EMC

When Coweta-Fayette EMC was seeking to explore solar options for our members, EnerVision was the clear choice to assist us in the analysis.  As a trusted partner for over 17 years, EnerVision has been instrumental in us meeting our power supply needs.  With their expert knowledge, EnerVsion created a Solar Knowledge Center Manual for CFEMC and identified options that our Staff and Board of Directors could utilize to make decisions that made sense for our members. Whether it is Power Supply, Rate Design, Strategic Planning, Succession Planning or Business, Planning, EnerVision has the knowledge and expertise to help us produce results best for our members.

Rob Walker — General Manager


When the Public Utility Commission of Texas required all electric utilities to develop an Emergency Operations Plan, URECC sought out the guidance and insight of EnerVision who led us through the process. Also, EnerVision has facilitated the development of our Strategic Plan, Corporate Goals and our Technology Plan. EnerVision has been key to helping us meet all government mandates and preparing for years down the road.

John Middleton — General Manager

Okefenoke REMC

Whether OREMC needed a facilitator for strategic planning and succession planning or wanted to increase our renewable energy resources, we sought the insight of EnerVision.  Their expertise has helped us determine our options and develop programs that work best for our members.  We know EnerVision will always listen and respond to our needs and those of our members.