Elaine Johns


Ms. Elaine Johns has over 30 years of consulting experience in areas ranging from strategic planning, power supply planning, utility rates, marketing, and economic analysis. She is the President/CEO of EnerVision, Inc. where she is responsible for the operations of the firm and leads the company’s nationwide consulting efforts as she builds relationships and pursues new business for the firm. Ms. Johns is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the company’s Management Consulting Practice Area. In this role, she has facilitated numerous strategic planning meetings with clients – Board and Staff alike – in her efforts to assist them in determining and accomplishing corporate goals and future strategies. She assists clients with organizational design and development of business opportunities, providing long-term assistance to help with the success of the endeavor. Ms. Johns also specializes in the development of comprehensive power supply strategies and provides expertise with contract negotiations. In addition, Ms. Johns is an owner of the company.

Lynne Travis

Vice President and Managing Partner

As Vice President of Analytical Services, Ms. Travis analyzes, recommends and negotiates wholesale power supply options, performs economic analyses, provides contract administration support and develops and analyzes rate design options for utility clients. Ms. Travis has been instrumental in evaluating and negotiating power supply proposals for electric cooperatives. Her areas of expertise include: determining power supply needs, identifying resource options, soliciting the market for proposals, and understanding and evaluating proposal economics. Lynne has over 30+ years electric power supply planning experience. Ms. Travis is also an owner of the company.

Joshua Warmack

Vice President and Managing Partner

Mr. Joshua Warmack has nearly twenty years of experience working with electric utility clients in many different areas ranging from contract administration to energy efficiency evaluations. He is Vice President of Emerging Energy Solutions, which encompasses demand side management (including energy efficiency, demand response, direct load control, and consumer engagement); smart grid and other technology solutions; renewable and distributed generation; and wholesale and retail rate services. Mr. Warmack works closely with clients to evaluate, design, and implement demand side solutions to meet clients’ needs and objectives, as well as accomplish their power supply, compliance, and internal goals. Mr. Warmack has a proven ability to build long term relationships by meeting the energy solutions needs of EnerVision’s clients. In addition, Mr. Warmack is a Certified Energy Manager, a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional through the Association of Energy Engineers and an owner of the company.

Mary Ellen Cole


Ms. Mary Ellen Cole started working at EnerVision in May of 2010 as a student intern and later joined as a Consultant in January of 2011. Ms. Cole has worked with multiple organizations coordinating CEO Searches to provide staff and Boards with a variety of strong candidates to review in a streamlined manner. Other projects in which she has led or assisted include the specification, analysis, and recommendation of an Automated Metering Infrastructure system and compatible Meter Data Management system for a distribution cooperative client, the oversight of FERC Form 1 formula rate cases, and the economic evaluation of a generation and transmission cooperative’s Energy Efficiency programs. She has taken on major responsibilities with the billing, rate adjustment, and Power Purchase Agreement maintenance and administration for a large renewable energy cooperative. She reviews and analyzes power supply contracts, formulas, and monthly bills for financial accuracy and proper application of contract terms. Ms. Cole is also helping clients maintain compliance with the ever-shifting NERC and Regional Reliability Standards. In addition, Ms. Cole is an owner of the company.

Ronnie Donaldson

Partner & COO

Mr. Ronnie Donaldson joined EnerVision in January of 2010 as a Consultant. Mr. Donaldson supports EnerVision on multiple fronts. On the Power Supply side, he provides analytical support for the annual budgeting process, long term planning, forecasting, cost-benefit analysis, and contract comparisons. He has worked with retail rate services, cost of service analysis, future generation assessments, and risk management solutions. He is also being utilized in the load management/demand response solutions area and oversees the validity of power supply bill checking and ongoing changes in implementation. Mr. Donaldson is directly involved in the facilitation process of Strategic Planning in the Management Consulting Practice area of the company. His projects have included developing mission and vision statements, corporate goal setting, organizational assessments and design, succession planning and personnel assessments. He is also actively involved assisting clients with development, updating and testing of their Emergency Restoration Plans (ERPs), addressing the electric system response and the business-critical functions within the cooperative. Mr. Donaldson is also an owner of the company.

Randy Brecheisen

Vice President, New Technologies

Randy Brecheisen joined EnerVision as Vice President of New Technologies in August 2016, after serving 24 years as President and CEO of Piedmont EMC, a North Carolina electric cooperative. Randy’s skills broaden EnerVision’s range of services to assist our clients to best meet their power related needs in today’s constantly changing energy industry adding expertise in the New Technologies area. Randy holds Bachelor of Science Degrees in Engineering Operations and Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University, and also holds an MBA from Duke University. Randy’s career comprises more than 42 years in the electric utility industry. Prior to joining Piedmont EMC, Randy was Senior Vice President and a Founding Principal of an electric, natural gas, and water utility consulting firm. He has testified as an expert witness on various matters before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, numerous State Regulatory Commissions, and spent six years with Duke Energy in an assortment of management related positions.

Bettina Kimmel


Bettina Kimmel joined EnerVision as a Director in July 2021. Bettina brings over 20 years of financial and utility consulting experience for the cooperative network. Prior to accepting this position, she was Senior Manager, Financial Products & Analysis for National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC). During her tenure, she was responsible for multiple financial products and consulting services offered by CFC to its member cooperatives. She also built solid customer relationships and is well known with cooperative management across the country. Bettina will be a key asset to the EnerVision team as she brings her years of experience and expertise in the energy sector from delivering best in class products and consulting services to the cooperative network. Bettina holds an MBA and a BBA with an emphasis in IT from Strayer University.

Carter Babbit

EnerVision Contractor

With over twenty years of experience working with the power supply team, Mr. Babbit has developed complex power supply strategies and managed every step of the power resource planning process.  He has led negotiations in changing the relationships between distribution cooperatives and their power supplier. In addition, he has led the needs analysis process, designed, and marketed requests for proposals, performed economic analyses, negotiated contracts, and developed comprehensive presentations to educate utilities and their Boards on all aspects of power supply.  Once the contract is signed, Mr. Babbit has extensive experience in contract administration.  This includes everything from receiving regulatory approval, through implementation, to comprehensive reviews of billing procedures.  With clients ranging from Georgia, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina and through New Mexico, Mr. Babbit has a proven ability to build long term relationships by meeting the needs of EnerVision’s clients. Mr. Babbit has also worked on the development of a green power program for the cooperatives in the state of Georgia.  His contributions include market research using direct mail surveys, demographic research, technology research, and the development of a pricing model.  The pricing model incorporated data from the market research and was used to estimate the viability of the green power product in a specific geographic area. Other areas of focus include all facets of market research, evaluating new technologies, and developing business planning tools.  He also has experience in the performance of cost/benefit analyses for distribution cooperative clients as well as working extensively on proposals for customer choice customers. Mr. Babbit holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management with a focus in Economics and International Affairs from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Rody Blevins

Vice President

Rody Blevins is a new Vice President effective April 25th, 2022. Rody brings 40 years of experience in the electric utility industry, primarily in positions of cooperative management.

Rody most recently served as the President and CEO of Volunteer Energy Cooperative located in eastern Tennessee. He has held various leadership roles on the Rates and Pricing Committee and the R&D Committee for TVPPA. He is well versed on legislation that impacts the electric industry and will be a tremendous asset to EnerVision as we continue to serve our cooperative clients.

Rody holds a BE in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and will be located in Maryville, TN.


Stacey Valencia


EnerVision is pleased to announce Stacey Valencia has accepted the position of Director effective September 6, 2022.  She has over 25 years of experience with energy and fuel markets. She has extensive knowledge and experience in scheduling entity and generation operations, resource asset management, natural gas and coal procurement and logistics, resource integration, and contract negotiation and administration.  Ms. Valencia is also well versed in compliance issues facing these market participants. During her time with LCRA, Austin Energy and her own consulting practice, Stacey was responsible for managing diverse portfolios of natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydro and wind resources as well as load resources and many wholesale power supply contracts.

Although she has accomplished a great deal in her career, one accomplishment she is most proud of is her capability to lead and work with people. Ms. Valencia knows first-hand that building a team of successful, productive team members starts with leadership. She works with several groups, both personally and professionally, as a mentor to leaders and managers.

Ms. Valencia holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas at San Antonio and resides in Wimberley, TX.

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